Saturday, 21 October 2017

Chapter Chat - "The Wild Robot" and our Tweets

Room 14 have had a full-on start to Term 4 with Athletics Trials, Electives, Production Practice and all of our normal learning in class.

We've got stuck into the Term 4 Chapter Chat novel, 'The Wild Robot' by Peter Brown. Chapter Chat is a New Zealand wide initiative where many classes around New Zealand read the same novel and work on tasks and questions based on the text throughout the Term. Each Friday they get on Twitter to share their learning with one another.

Take a look at some of our tasks that managed to get up on Twitter yesterday - great start team.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

OMG Tech - Scratch

What a start to the Term! We've been so busy and yesterday was no exception.

Our class was lucky enough to be selected from the Pukeko team to work with a group of people from OMG Tech. Zoe and her team helped us to create a maze game using an online platform called Scratch.

We used a coding language called 'Blockly' to move our characters and give them actions to do. This made rules for the game. We are really keen to get stuck into some more coding and programming during Term 4 on this platform. It was a great introduction and heaps of fun!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

PB4L Certificates

Here are our wonderful Pukeko PB4L certificate recipients this week. We celebrate Matthew in our class this week for not only listening to others opinions but seeking other's feedback. Well done for your positive behaviour Matthew.

Junior Kapa Haka Trip to CPS

Our neighbour's down at Clayton Park School very kindly invited our Junior Kapa Haka students down to their school last Wednesday to watch their school performance, "Seasons of the Pohutakawa". We enjoyed a show about about a Koro teaching his mokopuna about the growth of a Pohutakawa tree. We were blown away by the original, catchy songs, which were written in a mix of English and Te Reo. Thanks CPS, we had a blast!

Inline image 1

Sunday, 17 September 2017

PB4L Certificate Week 8

This week's certificate recipient was Preeya - who always does a good job of giving her full attention to the speaker. Well done Preeya and all our other recipients this week.

Maori Language Week

Last week was Maori language week and we learnt a lot of new reo (language) that we can use every day.

We learnt to ask - Kei te pehea koe? or How are you feeling? and a whole lot of answers for this that we say in a sentence like this - Kei te ______ ahau (I am feeling _____). We could feel matewai (thirsty), matemoe (sleepy), pai (good/fine), makariri (cold) or many other things - we have posters on the wall. Lots of kids have been asking Mrs Clarke to have a drink by telling her - Kei te matewai ahau.

We also learnt about body part names and colours and even learnt a new waiata (song) called 'Tena Kotou'. Here is a link to the youtube clip of a song we learnt so you can keep singing at home if you like.

On Friday we wrote mihi or pepeha (a way to say where you're from and introduce yourself in Maori. We presented these in a cloak. They turned out really cool - don't you think?