Sunday, 13 August 2017

Elephant Toothpaste

Last week Room 14 had a go at creating Elephant Toothpaste!

This was a super cool experiment that produced a chemical and exothermic reaction when hydrogen peroxide and yeast were combined. 

Our first attempt wasn't so successful, but our second attempt was! Check out the photos below.

Here is Jeremy's write up...

Monday, 7 August 2017

Science Fair Projects

Hi Parents/Caregivers,

Just a reminder about the Room 14 Science Fair Projects...

On Friday, I would like each child to have decided on their experiments and have thought about a question (what they are going to test), a hypothesis (predict what is going to happen) & an equipment list.

Students can begin trialling their experiments at home on the weekend and we will continue with the writing process during class time. 

*Boards can stay at home until we have completed the Writing process, otherwise feel free to bring them in anytime from next week (week 4) and we can store them in the classroom. Note: It is up to you if you would like your board painted or not.

Thank you!
Miss G

Sunday, 6 August 2017

PB4L Certificates

Week 2 - PB4L certificates. 

Well done to these students who have been looking after their belongings all week. Great stuff!

Thursday, 27 July 2017


Here are some more examples from our Science Groups from yesterday... enjoy!

We are still learning how to create these Shadow Puppet videos - but we think we are doing a pretty good job, don't you??

Peter, the Scientist!

WOW! Did you know that what Peter is holding is in fact an EGG?!

It is so swollen and almost transparent looking... how could it be an egg?

Peter has done a pretty cool experiment at home where he has put an egg into vinegar over night. This has caused a chemical reaction that has dismantled the egg shell!

What happened to the shell? Just like our teeth the egg shell is made of calcium and like teeth it can be corroded by acid. Interesting stuff!

Thanks for sharing, Peter. 
What do you think Peter, shall we try this experiment in class next week?

Lets give it a go!